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Sympathy For The Buyer (of San Francisco Real Estate)

Oh my goodness, I have been selling real estate since 2002, but the last time I bought a property was in 2005. Right now I am representing a number of buyers in their search for a new place to call home in San Francisco, and I am also representing myself in an attempt to buy a […]

In Response to the article today, 1/7/14: “Why Won’t This Marvel Sell?”

So glad the writer asked!  I had wanted to say something about this property, but I just couldn’t find my starting point on the subject.  The mentioned property,  a really unusual find, is located at 395 Oak Ave in San Anselmo.  I was excited when I went to see it in person, but I think […]

Beautiful Dreamer

Client Alex in contract on a fixer! Note the decor. Also, we found paw prints on the windows. They are all facing towards the floor? How did a raccoon get in the house?