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How To Search For Approved Plans in SF

If you are thinking about buying a particular property in San Francisco you may be looking at nearby warehouses, parking lots and run-down shacks, wondering what might be built there in the future. As you may already know, views are not protected in San Francisco. Here’s a resource if you want to see if there […]

Sympathy For The Buyer (of San Francisco Real Estate)

Oh my goodness, I have been selling real estate since 2002, but the last time I bought a property was in 2005. Right now I am representing a number of buyers in their search for a new place to call home in San Francisco, and I am also representing myself in an attempt to buy a […]

The Rise of The Furnished Rental: San Francisco’s Best Real Estate Investments

San Francisco has notoriously strict rent and eviction control rules, so why would anybody want a multi-unit property here as an investment?    I once saw a 4-unit building for sale in the Mission Dolores area.  One unit pretty obviously housed a hoarder who was causing a health issue as well as a severe fire hazard in […]

Help, I Have Too Much Money!

Recently sell your company and make a bunch of money?  What to do with it? Buy a penthouse!  Have a party!  Remodel the penthouse!  Sell it for more than you paid!  Hire a financial manager?  Give your friends and family some money?  Worry, worry, worry?  Contact the IRS?  Buy your mom a house.  Go back […]

Beautiful Dreamer

Client Alex in contract on a fixer! Note the decor. Also, we found paw prints on the windows. They are all facing towards the floor? How did a raccoon get in the house?