As I write this, it is January 27, 2015, and inventory in San Francisco seems very low.  Prices seem high.  Everything is relative, but relative to what? Is now a good time to buy?  How is the market?  Will more property come on the market in the Spring?  These are frequently asked questions. The market […]

In my opinion, having professional photos taken may be the most important part of selling your home. Do some agents promise the seller they will get an impossibly high price for them, then wait while it languishes on the market, wearing down the seller until they agree to lower the price?  Maybe…When they get an […]

So glad the writer asked!  I had wanted to say something about this property, but I just couldn’t find my starting point on the subject.  The mentioned property,  a really unusual find, is located at 395 Oak Ave in San Anselmo.  I was excited when I went to see it in person, but I think […]

Starting with the most recent first, then going in reverse chronologically, here are a few of my sales this year.  This is not a comprehensive list: Well, as soon as the most recent once closes, I will add it here, because it’s a story.  My buyer fell in love with a charming one bedroom condo […]

San Francisco has notoriously strict rent and eviction control rules, so why would anybody want a multi-unit property here as an investment?    I once saw a 4-unit building for sale in the Mission Dolores area.  One unit pretty obviously housed a hoarder who was causing a health issue as well as a severe fire hazard in […]

Recently sell your company and make a bunch of money?  What to do with it? Buy a penthouse!  Have a party!  Remodel the penthouse!  Sell it for more than you paid!  Hire a financial manager?  Give your friends and family some money?  Worry, worry, worry?  Contact the IRS?  Buy your mom a house.  Go back […]

Client Alex in contract on a fixer! Note the decor. Also, we found paw prints on the windows. They are all facing towards the floor? How did a raccoon get in the house?